MEP Eva Paunova: E-Government will save taxpayers money and time

“We cannot live in a digital Europe while our administration is not in pace with the development of new technologies. We should be able to use public services with the same ease as we use online banking nowadays. E-Government provides us with the opportunity to build new markets and it will save taxpayers money, time and energy.” This is what the Bulgarian GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova said on the occasion of the the Digital Single Market debate with European Commission’s Vice-President Andrus Ansip on November, 26 2014 in plenary in Strasbourg.

According to the MEP, in Europe there is a need for a tough market referee to ensure a fair-playing field for all stakeholders in the Digital Single Market, not to protect or target the players. She urged the European Parliament to reaffirm its commitment to net neutrality by adopting legislation that enables the Internet to be a major driver for competitiveness, economic growth, social development and innovation.

Eva Paunova stated that it is not exaggerated to define the lifting of roaming charges as a revolutionary step without which the Digital Single Market will not be complete. She is confident that MS governments will stand together with consumers to ensure an end to roaming charges as soon as possible. EC Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Single Market Ansip also expressed hope that MS will join forces in creating a pan-European market for telecommunication services.

The Digital Single Market is one of the most promising and challenging areas of progress, with high potential for effective gains of € 260 billion annually. Its completion is Eva Paunova´s main priority as a member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the EP.