GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova and ‘Technological Development’ Youth Club – Bourgas organise an open-panel discussion on youth participation in European public life

 GERP/EPP MEP Eva Paunova and Bourgas’ ‘Technological Development’ youth club are partnering to host an open-panel discussion on the subject of youth participation in EU’s public sphere. The meeting will take place on Thursday, 27th of August 2015, at 12:30pm in the main hall of GERB’s Bourgas office, Count Androvanti Str. 5

The aim of the panel is to voice and exchange experiences and opinions on the importance of having young people actively participate in the social and political life of their community, their country and the European Union as a whole. It will explore different ways to make youth engagement both more effective and more consistent, while being empowering and inclusive to all.

Ms Paunova has made the topic a priority of her tenure as a vice-president of European Movement International (EMI) – the biggest umbrella organisation for civil society groups across Europe. EMI has played a key role in developing Europe’s political, social and cultural for a since its inception in 1948.