Eva Paunova MEP quizzes the European Commission on the science behind nutrition labelling regulations

Despite the ever-growing interest in healthy eating, recognising artificial food additives such as preservatives, colourings and flavour enhancers hasn’t been getting any easier for end consumers. Many are designated according to the popular ‘E’ framework, which, while convenient, effectively obscures what is really added to our food and the potential impact it can have on the human body. This is the subject of an official enquiry GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova has submitted to the European Commission.

In relation to the re-evaluation of food additives that the European Food Safety Authority is due to complete by 2020, Ms Paunova urged the EC to commission more research on how the combination of different chemicals we ingest with food affects our health. She drew attention to the fact that while the current evaluation takes into account how compounds affect the body individually, there is dangerously little information on any potential harmful effects of consuming them together, as most of us do.

If studies were to show any adverse reactions to reasonable daily consumption of enhanced foods, it is the Commission’s duty to take measures to protect its citizens.

Ms Paunova is a member of the European Parliament’s Committee for the internal market and consumer protection. The EC is obliged to respond to her enquiry within a six-week period.