Eva Paunova questions the European Commission on its plans for the future of Bulgaria’s culture tourism

GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova submitted an official enquiry to the European Commission regarding its stated intention to coordinate a comprehensive, integrated strategy for the preservation and restoration of Europe’s historical sites and monuments. In particular, the Bulgarian representative asked for clarification on EC’s plans to finance and facilitate the further development of high-quality, sustainable and responsible culture tourism.

Drawing upon the Venice Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, which has been the main framework document for ensuring the proper maintenance of sites of historical importance, Ms Paunova expressed her concern that, as the charter is not a legally binding document, recent growth in cultural tourism hasn’t always been in full accordance with national standards.

Ms Paunova was keen to point out that the conservation and restoration of cultural buildings and artefacts have been a powerful stimulus for Bulgaria’s local and regional economic and social development throughout the EU’s Seventh Framework for Research and Innovation. It is therefore surprising that Cultural legacy is nowhere to be found among the protected elements of the Eighth Framework, impeding the tentative balance between developing the artistic and cultural sectors and making sure countries’ heirlooms remain intact.

The EC is obliged to respond to Ms Paunova’s enquiry within six weeks.

The European Union’s Framework Programme (2007-2013) is the main instrument for financing research, technological development and demonstration activities. The Seventh Framework was in place between 2007 and 2013, the Eighth is due to continue until 2020.