Eva Paunova and Vladimir Uruchev (GERB/EPP) and other MEPs from Central and Eastern Europe recently submitted a written declaration in the European Parliament on energy efficiency in residential buildings in Central and Eastern Europe.

In this document they claim that energy efficiency is very important for the achieving of the goals of the Energy Roadmap 2050 and the frame Energy and Climate – 2030. MEPs share the concern that many citizens of Central and Eastern Europe are facing challenges related to the sustaining of energy. These challenges occur because most of the buildings are at very low levels of energy efficiency.

In this context, MEPs depend on the EU Commission to take immediate action in encouraging renovating actions for residential buildings and also to better promote energy efficiency in the European Union.

According to Rules of Procedure, this declaration is to be entered in the electronic register and in case it gathers the support of the majority of MEPs in the next three months, it will be sent to the Council and the Commission, which in turn will inform MEPs for the measures they have to take.