Eva Maydell: With more than 500 billion euros in grants, the recovery plan proves that the EU acts decisively when needed

“The draft EU Recovery Plan” The Next Generation of the EU “presented today from the post-Covid19 crisis proves that the EU acts decisively when it comes to helping European citizens and businesses. Although there is opposition to the use of recovery grants, the European Commission’s proposal is bold because it includes a € 500 billion grant. The funds will be distributed in various programs, some of which will be managed directly by Brussels and others through operational programs by the countries. “This was stated by the Bulgarian MEP from GERB / ​​EPP Eva Maydell after the presentation of the draft EU Recovery Plan to the European Parliament. on May 27, 2020 in Brussels.

“All affected by the crisis will be able to benefit from the ambitious plan – small and medium and large businesses, state and municipal institutions and enterprises, medical and educational institutions, etc. Importantly, the aim is not simply to return to the situation before Covid19, but to focus on recovery through new technologies, digitalisation, sustainable environmental policies and measures, ensuring the sustainability and independence of key sectors of the economy. Ie this is a plan for economic growth, which aims to make the EU more competitive with China and the United States in two years’ time than it was before the pandemic. ”This added Eva Maydell.

The EC’s proposal is for a recovery plan totaling 750 billion euros, of which 250 billion euros will be in the form of loans, providing liquidity to businesses in difficulty and stimulating private investments. In parallel, the EC presented an updated proposal for the next 7-year EU budget – until 2027, worth a total of 1.1 trillion euros. The European Parliament and the Member States are due to discuss the proposal and agree on a final version to be voted on by the two institutions in the coming months.

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