Eva Maydell: The EU funds are a historic chance to modernize our economy and production

The EU recovery plan will provide a future-oriented financial resource. The goal is to make our economy and industries more modern, clean and efficient through digitalization. This will not only make business more competitive globally, but much more resilient to future earthquakes and crises. ”This was stated by the Bulgarian MEP from EPP / GERB Eva Maydell during an online meeting with over 40 representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria Amcham.

“An important clarification is that EU funds are applied for with programs and plans for investments and reforms. We need to protect the need for investment in certain sectors and show how we will improve certain systems in order to receive a grant. But Bulgaria has proven that it can quickly organize and invest European funds with some of the lowest error rates of all EU countries. That is why I am convinced that if we focus on sustainable modernization of the economy, EU funds will be a springboard for raising living standards, “added Eva Maydell, who was a special guest at the webinar on the effects of Kovid-19.

“We are in intensive talks in the European Parliament on how to improve the recovery plan. We need to ensure that the money invested by countries is clearly marked as European, so that the key role and solidarity of the EU is visible to every citizen, “Maydell said during the discussion.

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