European Movement and European People’s Party leadership discuss Europe’s future

European Movement International Vice President, Eva Paunova MEP, together with EMI Secretary General Petros Fassoulas, met today with European People’s Party President Joseph Daul to discuss how best to address the EU’s current challenges.

Free movement, the challenge of populist parties and the rise of identity politics, as well as the result of the British referendum on EU membership featured in the conversation, which also touched upon the 2019 European elections.

The EPP and EMI leadership explored the wide and fertile common ground between them and discussed ways to work together in developing the answers European citizens need for their pressing problems. Emphasis was given on the future direction the European Union needs to take, safeguarding the principle of free movement and making the next European elections as inclusive and visible as possible.

Ms Paunova MEP said:The European Movement International has for decades advocated the advancement of the European project and has provided a platform for civil society, political parties, trade unions, local authorities and business to come together. The EPP as a long standing member is a natural and like-minded pro-European ally in the pursuit of our common European future and today’s meeting has been further proof of our strong and lasting partnership, needed now more than ever.