MEP Eva Maydell has been elected a member of the European Parliament’s special committee on technology development

Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell (GERB / EPP) was elected a member of the newly established European Parliament’s special commission on technology development. It has a 12-month mandate and will work on a roadmap proposal with EU targets for technologies such as artificial intelligence and the steps that need to be taken to achieve them.

We need to create a framework of ethical and functional rules for the introduction of new technologies so that they contribute to the creation of new jobs and support the work and make life easier for Europeans. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the use of large data sets have the potential to change all sectors and therefore a horizontal view of the rules for their introduction is needed. In the new commission we will try to study the impact and challenges of their entry and to offer a framework of clear rules, “said Eva Maydell, who is the only Bulgarian representative in the special commission.

“Another important aspect of the forthcoming work of the special commission will be the direct meetings and hearings with representatives of business, academia and civil society, which will present both existing applications of innovative technologies and prototypes and their impact on rights and civil liberties. Open dialogue is important for building trust and support for these technologies so that myths and misinformation do not hinder the digitalisation of industry and the development of the digital economy as a whole,” said Eva Maydell. She added that new rules will be provided for digital data generated by the industry, so as to allow their consolidation and processing in favor of solving social and economic challenges, such as climate change, health, sustainable transport and others.

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