GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova visits the Howard Gardner Intelligence Academy in Bourgas

‘Education has always been a priority in my work as a member of the European Parliament. I am delighted that community centres like the Academy are being set up to help young people become thinking, intelligent, creative and ambitious citizens of Bulgaria and Europe as a whole’ said Bulgarian MEP Eva Paunova during her visit to Bourgas’

Howard Gardner Intelligence Academy on the 17th of September 2015. Christiana Lazarova, who runs the Academy was happy to elaborate: ‘The world we live in encourages, demands even, that we explore and develop our diverse talents. We can no longer afford to waste our potential. According to psychologist Howard Gardner, our ability to communicate, to sense and learn through word, picture or sound, to express emotion and ideas through our body language and movement – all of these are different types of intelligence that we all possess to some extent. Our work here is to find the specific area (there are 9, according to Gardner) that each child excels in and nurture it. Every lesson here is an experience for all senses and the impact that this has on students’ educational achievement is tremendous.’

The Howard Gardner academy, whose motto is ‘I create!’ offers a half-day course package for primary- and middle-school aged children. It comprises a team of highly motivated, professional teachers who help students with their lessons, as well as guiding them to explore their extracurricular talents, including sport, art, and music. The academy also offers individual lessons to pupils of all ages. Find more information at