GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova answers questions in first ever social media #eurochat

On Monday, 2nd of February, GERB/EPP MEP Eva Paunova lead the first ever social media discussion on European issues under the hashtag #eurochat. The conversation, entitled ‘Visions for a Digital Bulgaria in Digital Europe’ and organised by the EU Information Office in Bulgaria, focused on issues of digital governance, entrepreneurship, engagement and education. Ms Paunova took questions from users on facebook and twitter and re-affirmed her commitment to further pursuing the subject on both social media and in her public work.

‘The notion of a ‘connected government’ is increasingly important and I am excited to see the Bulgarian public is genuinely interested. Developing the infrastructure required to make it a reality continues to be one of my top priorities, as research shows a clear link between the introduction of electronic governance and a decrease in countries’ administrative and political corruption. It could change everything!’

The MEP also expressed her confidence in the Bulgarian government’s current work on the issue, particularly the close involvement of Deputy Minister Svetla Batchvarova, but emphasised that a unified, multi-stakeholder approach is central to ensuring timely and effective implementation within the current term.

The conversation with Ms Paunova was the first of a series of #eurochat –s with Bulgarian MEPs, organised by the EU Information Office in Bulgaria and aimed at keeping citizens informed on a number of key European issues. Visit the Information Office’s website for a detailed summary of the discussion, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions.