GERB/EPP MEP Eva Maydell: Over 50 billion internet-connected devices by 2020

‘The simple fact is that there will be more than 50 billion internet-connected devices in Europe by 2020 – from coffee-machines to cars – and, in order to take advantage of the enormous opportunity digitisation can offer, we need a set of robust, harmonised and adequate regulations on new and emerging technology. This is what the Digital Single Market (DSM) I’m working on is all about, this is why it’s important that it is finalised as a matter of priority’

This is a part of a speech EPP/GERB MEP Eva Maydell gave on the 29th June 2017 at a high-level business forum in Brussels organised by Facebook and the Lisbon Council brains trust.

‘Technological development and the digitisation of trade and commerce transcend national boundaries and legislatures’ she continued ‘It is a question of helping the process along and making things easier, smoother and safer for both entrepreneurs and consumers by introducing a unified, Europe-wide legislative framework. Having only one set of laws to deal with instead of 28 will make doing business easier, while all European citizens will have equal access to digital content and services, and be less vulnerable to breaches of their personal data and cybersecurity.’

The forum, on the DSM and the opportunities it presents, was attended by the founders and CEOs of some of Europe’s most notable small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), as well as a number of high-ranking European officials.

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