Eva Paunova supports Alliance for YOUth

The companies, institutions and youth organisations – partners in the Alliance for Youth initiative – expressed their support to the EPP Group’s priority in combatting youth unemployment. Eva Paunova MEP hosted an event in the European Parliament today where the results from the first year of the initiative #ALLianceforYOUth were presented. The initiative has created 50,000 jobs and traineeship opportunities for young people in less than a year – setting a business and political example should follow: “Employability for our young generation is both a business and political imperative”, said Mrs Paunova regarding the initiative, which brought together nearly 200 companies pledging to create 100,000 job and traineeship opportunities for young Europeans in three years.

The Youth Debate was attended by Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, MEPs and the CEOs of major international companies. Eva Paunova, who has been supporting the initiative since its launch in Vevey Switzerland in 2014, underlined that the Alliance for Youth has been successful because it is based on a very clear market logic – the creation of opportunities, the rewarding of talent, and the enhancement of productivity: “This is also in line with the EPP Group’s approach to tackling youth unemployment – it is not grants and funding that will create jobs; it is creating the appropriate conditions for the economy to thrive. It is creating an economy that demands jobs and not vice versa.”

Commissioner Thyssen also underlined the importance of getting business and politics to work together in order to tackle the problem of youth unemployment: “Alliance for Youth is a showcase and it is inspiring to all those who want to learn and to create opportunities for young people”, explained Commissioner Thyssen.

The initiative complements the efforts of the European Parliament and the Commission to support employability and is part of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, which advances a similar goal.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/All4YOUth/352140378327151

Original text: EPP Group http://www.eppgroup.eu/press-release/Alliance-for-Youth-to-tackle-youth-unemployment