Eva Paunova and Commissioner Oettinger discussed the 2015 priorities for Digital Europe

“I welcome the Digital economy action plan for 2015, created after numerous consultations with all concerned parties. Together with Commissioner Oettinger and his team we will work promptly to complete the digital single market – a precondition for making Europe a technological leader at the international stage”. This was stated by Eva Paunova on the occasion of her discussion with the Commissioner for Digital Economy Günther Oettinger. The meeting between the Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament (EPP) and Mr. Oettinger took place on the 16th of December during the Plenary session in Strasbourg. Other topics addressed were the political situation in Bulgaria and the energy diversification in Europe.

One of the top priorities for the European institution´s next mandate is the creation of the missing digital infrastructure across all Member-States. In this regard, the investment plan of the Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker provides an opportunity for Member States to implement projects related to the building of an infrastructure contributing to the proper functioning of the digital market. Some of the first steps foreseen are the completion of the single European telecoms market (incl. the abolition of roaming charges) and the introduction of rules on network neutrality – the equal treatment of all traffic to websites. Another reform planned for the next year is an update of copyright rules.

Ms. Paunova and Mr. Oettinger both see the Digital Single Market as a major driver of competitiveness, economic growth, social development and innovation. The Commissioner therefore expressed his hope that the process of the DSM completion will be accelerated with the help of the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2015.

The European Commission Work Programme for 2015 was adopted during the December session of the European Parliament. It includes an ambitious package on the Digital Single market, aimed to create conditions for a vibrant digital economy and society. The Parliament will vote a resolution on the Commission programme in January 2015.