Eva Maydell was elected coordinator of the EPP group in the Committee on Technology Development

Bulgarian MEP Eva Maidel (GERB / EPP) was elected coordinator of the EPP group in the newly established special committee of the European Parliament for technology development.

“In the next 12 months, we will have the difficult task of proposing measures at European level to increase citizens’ confidence in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, making them more predictable and safe to use. It will be difficult to create a European Facebook or Amazon, but we have a chance to contribute to the emergence of the next technology giant in a new field. We need to apply uniform EU-wide standards and moral rules in the development of artificial intelligence. Thus, on the one hand, we will ensure the predictability of business, on the other hand, we will ensure that technology works in the service of society and is not a tool for malicious actions, “said Eva Maydell, who is the only Bulgarian representative in the special commission.

Eva Maydell’s responsibilities as coordinator of the EPP MEPs in the committee include coordinating the common position of the group on key issues, organizing the agenda and priorities of the committee together with the coordinators of the other political groups, distribution of work among the EPP members.

“In order to ensure that the widespread use of technology in our daily lives is oriented towards and for the benefit of man, we will draw up a plan of measures to be proposed for European legislation. The difficulty in regulating such a new subject comes from the risk of not stifling innovation with a heavy bureaucracy. Therefore, as the largest political group in Europe, which always works to stimulate entrepreneurs, we will make sure that there are no excessive restrictions, “added Eva Maydell.

The new commission has 33 members and will work 12 months after its first meeting. It should provide an assessment setting out the EU’s overall objectives in the medium and long term, which includes the key steps needed to achieve them, including a roadmap for a “Europe ready for the digital age”.

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