Eva Maydell: We can overcome the digital divide in Europe

“Blocking the economy because of the coronavius ​​pandemic has made almost every business now see digitalisation not just as a tool for growth, but above all as a difference between survival and bankruptcy. This perceived need for digitalization together with the expected solid European resource for modernization of production puts us on a good path to overcome the digital divide between companies and citizens who use new technologies and those who do not have the opportunity, “said Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell (GERB / ​​EPP) during a discussion organized by Microsoft on the European Data Strategy.

Eva Maydell emphasized another consequence of the pandemic – the growing dependence on the high-tech sector to preserve the economy. “The most successful businesses today are those that use data generated by users online. In order to have more Bulgarian and European companies of world size, we need to allow them to easily and securely use the data we produce with our activities in the online space. That is why, as the EPP rapporteur on the European Parliament’s opinion on the data strategy, I am working to help us deal with challenges such as epidemics, financial crises, climate change, “the Bulgarian MEP added during the event, which also included Microsoft Vice President in charge of European policies Casper Klinge.

According to her, data sharing must be accompanied by sufficient protection of privacy, trade secrets and patents. Clear rules for data sharing and processing in the EU will allow for greater security for users and clearer responsibility for companies using the information. “There must be guidance on how the GDPR should allow for sharing and use under certain conditions. This will facilitate business and stimulate data sharing between companies,” said Maydell.

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